Neurotherapy: Solving Life’s Problems Without Medications

Unlock the Healing Power of Your Brain

If you could overcome your ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, PMS or chronic pain without drugs, would you? If you could improve your family and personal relationships, make better career choices, function more effectively at life and have a more positive attitude, would you?

At Achievement & Wellness Center, psychologist Dr. Maria Di Donato is dedicated to and passionate about helping people accomplish those goals every day. Dr. Di Donato has been changing lives with compassionate, safe solutions for life’s many challenges for over 20 years. She has found more effective ways to treat a whole range of conditions without medications, and she is a pioneer in the field of neurofeedback treatment.

We serve the residents of Bucks, Montgomery, Mercer, Burlington and Philadelphia counties, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We also provide comprehensive treatments and gentle care for autism, bipolar disorder, concussion and traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities, tic disorder, migraines, seizure, panic attack, Parkinson’s disease, mood disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) using state-of-the-art techniques and technology such as EEG neurofeedback and biofeedback.

A psychologist with more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Di Donato has made the dream of personal happiness a reality for hundreds of people. She can do the same for you or your loved ones and help you overcome the problems or obstacles that are preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest.

Instead of living with a problem or relying on prescriptions to cope with it, discover safe and effective solutions at Achievement & Wellness Center. To schedule your appointment, please call us at 215.321.9502. For your convenience, you can use our online Request an Appointment form.

Blog Post: Anxiety and Depression
Ended by Neurofeedback

Alan, not his real name, a high school student from Lawrenceville, began neurofeedback as a troubled and depressed student. At that time, thoughts of self-harm were disturbing him. Moodiness and withdrawal from the family were a concern to his mother. He lost interest in many activities, friends, and family, while experiencing difficulty with communicating his feelings.

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